Open Feedback

Open Reading / Feedback – constructive critique of your work is a key part of the writing process. Our approach encourages honest feedback with an emphasis on what you are doing well, but also to help you avoid pitfalls and improve your craft as well as your story. Anyone can read, subject to time available slots, and everyone is encouraged, but not required to provide feedback

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Open reading involves reading or having someone read for you up to about 1500 words. Then other meeting attendees are invited to provide helpful feedback. The word limit is considered a guideline and can be modified by the moderator.

In order to provide adequate time for open and proper feedback we generally will not be able to allow more than 4 people to present in a given meeting. This can be modified at the time of the meeting by the moderator. Slots are filled by the moderator. Generally, those who arrived first will be given the first opportunity. However, priority will be given to those who wanted to read at a previous meeting but were not able nd to those who have not recently read. who Those

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