All meetings of Flathead Writers’ are conducted online. The information needed to access the meeting can be found in each item’s details on our meetings schedule page or our Meetup page. This link will be different for each meeting. Meetings may be attended using a computer or with a mobile device.

You can see a page listing the types of activities you might find in one Flathead Writers’ meeting. You can also suggest an activity or topic for a workshop.

Please note that access using a mobile device may require that you install the Google Meetings app. If using a computer your browser may prompt you one or more times for permissions. Be sure to allow this access or you may not be able to fully participate in the meeting. In either case, you may want to plan to logon a few minutes early for your first meeting to make sure the tech all works out.

Meeting Guidelines

Tech Etiquitte

When you enter the room your mic may be muted. Also, the moderator can mute your mic during the meeting. They can not unmute it however for security reasons. Modern computer microphones pick up a lot of background noise including from other rooms in your house. Please be considerate and mute your mic when it is not your turn to talk. When it is your turn make sure to unmute and then ask if others can hear you before proceeding. You may also want to turn your camera off, though we do enjoy seeing you.

Be Nice

Hopefully, this one is self-explanatory. So far our meeting moderators have not had to remind anyone about this, but that doesn’t mean they don’t reserve the right to.

Adult and Sensitive Content

Although we do not welcome hardcore erotica, It is possible that there could be content of an adult nature, presented during open readings. Therefore we ask that all attendees be over the age of 18 years. If you are presenting or reading and your material contains content of an adult nature or which some might be sensitive to,, please warn others.